Framingham and MusicHelps announce Fundraising Partnership

Wine and music – Framingham changing lives with MusicHelps

13 March 2020 will be a date that will always be remembered at the Framingham winery, ‘The Beths’ were to headline the 10th Annual Framingham Harvest Concert when Covid-19 forced a last-minute cancellation.

“We were gutted” says Bridget Glackin Marketing Manager, “although we were hurting, the team at Framingham knew the music industry was in for a rougher ride. It was a light bulb moment. We have been long-time supporters of the music industry and we knew we had to do something to help”.

“Framingham takes a lot of inspiration from the music scene, especially those that have stepped up and out of the mainstream, musicians that haven’t been afraid to give it a go. In many ways we take that attitude into our winemaking” says Winemaker and musician Andrew Brown.

Music runs deep at Framingham. The original wine cellar has been repurposed as a unique underground creative space that is home to pop-up gigs and a band room for local musicians to gather and practice. The winery has also backed numerous events over the years from Neil and Liam Finn’s ‘Where’s my Room’ tour and The Cross-Street Festival to the music industry’s very own Phoenix Summit.

“When the kiwi music industry needs help and it’s clear music can also play a key role in helping New Zealanders everywhere through this challenging time, the decision to partner with MusicHelps is very obvious”, says Bridget.

MusicHelps uses the power of music to help and heal people in need through projects and partnerships all over Aotearoa, including a music therapy project for disabled children in Framingham’s home town of Blenheim. It also provides vital emergency financial and wellbeing assistance to kiwi music workers, whose livelihoods have been decimated by the effects of the Covid-19 crisis.

Framingham will make a financial donation from every bottle sold in New Zealand to the charity. “Every cent helps and working with MusicHelps will raise awareness of the cause” say Bridget.

You can make a qualifying purchase direct from the winery here.

“MusicHelps along with Framingham keeping music live, loud and proud – we’re all for that!”.