NZ Music Industry – Letter to Government

The music industry is seeking immediate assistance from government in the face of
ongoing Covid-19 restrictions.

Since the start of the August lockdown, hundreds of live music events have been postponed or cancelled
across the country, impacting artists, crew, workers and businesses in the live music sector.
While some businesses can open at Alert Level 2, larger music events are impossible, and smaller gigs are
not economically viable, especially with the new Delta Alert Level 2 restrictions.
The music industry supports the government’s Covid response which enabled kiwis to enjoy a summer of live
music in 2020/2021.

However, targeted financial assistance is urgently needed now to support artists and the infrastructure that
enables live music, including crew, support staff, workers, production suppliers, venues and promoters.
Music organisations have written to government requesting urgent targeted assistance including:
• extension of the wage subsidy to cover the live music sector at alert level 2 as well as higher alert levels,
or an equivalent income support payment from the Ministry for Culture and Heritage Arts and Culture
Covid Recovery Fund

• a contribution to charity MusicHelps to fund emergency relief grants to individual artists and support
payments for music businesses and
• funding an extension of the NZ Music Venue Infrastructure Fund.
The organisations have also sought targeted support for the sector over the coming six months, by way of
setting aside a fund for future needs, providing cancellation insurance for live events, review and reallocation
of remaining funds in the MCH Arts and Culture Recovery Fund, further funding to continue the Aotearoa
Touring Fund and music making via NZ On Air and Te Māngai Pāho, and expediting the commitment to
support for creative careers similar to the previous PACE scheme.