Founders - MusicHelps

Our Founders

MusicHelps (originally The New Zealand Music Foundation) was founded by longtime friends and music community stalwarts Campbell Smith ONZM and Barbara Ward.

In 2003 Campbell and Barbara (along with Dame Hinewehi Mohi and George Bradfield) had co-founded the Raukatauri Music Therapy Trust and its therapy centre (RMTC) in Auckland.

The amazing work undertaken at the RMTC instilled in Campbell and Barbara a greater understanding of and a deep belief in the power of music to heal.

Music therapy was one powerful outlet but they learned that all over Aotearoa all sorts of charities entitles and people big and small were using music to improve the lives of others. Inspired by that, wanting to connect the music community to that effort and motivated to help, they conceived of MusicHelps.

It was primarily to be a vehicle for raising funds from as many sources as possible to distribute to all those that were using music to help others all over the country.

Campbell and Barbara had worked in and around the music industry for decades and they knew that it was an industry that was not very good at looking after its own. So as an added strand to MusicHelps they wanted to include a support service and emergency funding for any member of the music community suffering from extreme hardship.

In 2010 they approached some like-minded members of the music community asked them to serve as trustees on a board asked music legend Neil Finn to serve as the inaugural patron and MusicHelps was born.

Campbell served as a trustee and the founding chair of MusicHelps from its inception until his retirement in 2021.

Barbara served as a trustee of MusicHelps from its inception until her retirement in 2021.

Both believe that their baby is in rude health and in good hands.