Backline: our services for Kiwi music people

Backline is our suite of services tailored to provide both information and practical, caring support to those who make live or recorded music possible in Aotearoa. Whether you are a performer or songwriter, a production or backroom person, or involved in the corporate or retail aspects of music, we are here when illness, distress or hardship are affecting you.

A special message to kiwi music workers everywhere

These are unprecedented times and we thank you for your patience as we gather the resources necessary to provide meaningful support in response to the Covid-19 crisis.

For information on the status of our Covid-19 Emergency Grants for kiwi music workers here and overseas, please go to our Covid-19 Emergency Grant page here.

For more information on our Covid-19 Business Support Grant, please click here.

We understand the level of concern and emotional distress this crisis is having on the kiwi music community. We are open and providing support every day through the MusicHelps Wellbeing Service and would urge you to contact us on 0508MUSICHELPS or through the form on our website for counselling support from our team.

Please also refer to our advice and information page that links through to government and other sources of support.

He waka eke noa. The Team at MusicHelps.


Affected by the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis? Take a look at our advice, information and support page here.





Here you can find out about and access the free professional counselling and wellbeing resources available through our MusicHelps Wellbeing Service. There are links to useful information and other organisations that can help. You can also get in touch with us by calling our support line or sending us a message right now.



MusicHelps Benevolent Fund logoWhether you’re a roadie or a singer, a stage tech or a manager, a guitarist or a label employee, a sound engineer or a publisher: if you make live or recorded music possible and you’re experiencing hardship that has been amplified by recent illness, injury or misfortune, you may be eligible for crisis assistance from our MusicHelps Benevolent Fund. Examples of the kind of assistance the fund can provide includes helping with medical needs in the event of illness, facilitating an essential consultation from a professional that would otherwise be unavailable to you due to cost, or the replacement of equipment or belongings in the aftermath of a catastrophic loss. Find out more here.



The MusicHelps NZ Music Community Wellbeing Survey is one of the most comprehensive measures of the mental, physical and emotional health of those making their way in music of any market in the world. With a focus on composers, performers and songwriters, production and backroom staff, and those that work within the corporate and retail sectors of the industry, the survey report provides valuable intelligence which informs our services and gives industry organisations a comprehensive view of the issues affecting our music people. You can access both summaries and the full reports from the NZ Music Community Survey here.