2016 Survey - MusicHelps
2016 Survey

The first New Zealand Music Community Wellbeing Survey was conducted in July 2016, when the charity was named The NZ Music Foundation.  With over 1350 respondents from the music community answering 40 questions about their working hours and income, sleep, nutrition and exercise, drug and alcohol use, mental health, support networks and more, the survey was at the time the world’s largest per-capita quantitative research project to examine the health and wellbeing of the music community.

Comments from those surveyed illustrate the difficulties of a life in music:

“This is such an important issue for artists – many of us find ourselves supporting each other clumsily, through the power of solidarity alone. Others of us just don’t talk about it with people at all.”

“It has been a lonely road at times and one where I have watched a lot of friends die. My hope is for a better, healthier future for musicians, an environment in which they will be treasured and respected.”

Here you can read online versions of the foreword to the report from our Chair of Trustees, acknowledgements to those that made the survey happen, the executive summary to the report, the conclusions and ways forward suggested by the survey.

If you would like to request the a copy from our 2016 survey, please contact us to be emailed the full report.

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