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The way forward

The way forward

Four strategies have been identified as having the potential to make a positive difference:

Sourcing data: While anecdotal evidence of the existence of both the individual damage and wider distress caused by health and wellbeing issues within the music community has been available in abundance, reliable data on both its scale and scope has been lacking. The NZ Music Community Wellbeing Survey aims to address this.

More support and assistance on the ground:  Informed by the initial results from the survey in July, we launched The NZ Music Foundation Wellbeing Service in late September. The service is an online, on the phone and in-person counselling service provided nationwide by registered, experienced professionals with a track record of working with creative people. The service is free to kiwi music people experiencing hardship and available on the freecall number 0508 MUSICHELP in NZ and from Australia on 1 800 353 148.

Preparing the next generation:  We are engaging with a wide range of education and other bodies with the aim of generating awareness amongst those who aspire to work in music of the pressures and factors that may threaten health and wellbeing. We want to promote strategies that will increase the chances that those who choose to make a life in music will have longer, healthier, more productive and more fulfilling careers.

Engaging with industry bodies: We are working with a number of industry bodies and forums that act as touchpoints for people across all of the roles involved in making live and recorded music happen. The aim is to realise a comprehensive, sustainable and tailored series of information sessions & seminars that raise awareness and provide actionable advice.

This work is a natural extension of our efforts over the past four years providing emergency assistance to kiwi music people experiencing illness, distress and hardship. At the heart of our efforts is a sincere belief that the music community can and must do its part to look after its own in times of crisis, and that music people are an essential part of the fabric of Aotearoa New Zealand.  We know that with awareness, the right resources, capacity and concerted effort, we can make a positive difference.

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