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Do you need help

Do you need help yourself?


Not your usual self and things got on top of you? Feeling very alone? Worrying a lot or feel like life’s too hard? Had one too many knock backs? Drinking too much? If these sound familiar, you are not the only one. Certainly, making your way in music in NZ has its own challenges.

It is very common to have times in life when things aren’t going right or we have a bad day, or week. But if the feelings and negative thoughts persist or get more intense, it is very important to talk to someone about it.

As an artist, songwriter, performer,  a production and backroom person or as someone working in the corporate and retail part of the music environment, you can talk to us right now by calling 0508 MUSICHELP or by sending us a message using the form on our Talk To Us Now page.

It’s often helpful to think about what is happening in the big picture of your life – your physical health, mental health, relationships, family, your work or career. If you are concerned about any one of those or a combination of them, good help is available to you right now.

Sometimes a lot can become clear, and we can get more perspective, if we talk to a trusted friend, family member or colleague.   Other times it is important to talk with a professional person such as a doctor, counsellor or mental health practitioner.

Things can get better and you are not alone:

  • 1 in 7 will experience depression before they are 24 years old
  • 1 in 8 men will experience depression
  • 1 in 5 women will experience depression
  • 1 in 4 New Zealanders will experience anxiety
  • 1 in 5 people with depression or anxiety will experience both at the same time
  • 47% of NZer’s will experience a mood disorder at some point in their life

So we need to take our own situations seriously and do something about it.

 Worried about someone you know | How to start the conversation | Information on mental health | Links to online tools | How to maintain positive wellbeing | Other organisations that can helpTalk to us now

Are you or have you:

  • stopped caring about how you look or maintaining your personal hygiene
  • feeling hopeless or really sad, or crying a lot
  • feeling anxious, stressed, or fearful and can’t seem to switch off
  • drinking more or using drugs or alcohol to get by
  • not wanting to see friends or family anymore – withdrawing or making excuses
  • stopped doing things you used to enjoy
  • having difficulty remembering things, can’t concentrate
  • feeling bad about yourself – guilty, hopeless or ashamed
  • changed your eating pattern significantly
  • experiencing extreme mood swings – ups and downs or panic attacks
  • self-harmed or thought about self-harming
  • talking about, thinking about or planning suicide or wanting to give up

  • If you recognise these signs, reach out now.
    Call 0508MUSICHELP, email us, or speak to your healthcare provider or a person you trust.
    Talk to us today: Free 24/7 support line: 0508 MUSICHELP
    Free from Australia: 1 800 353 148
    Rest of the World: +64 508 MUSICHELP
    (local charges may apply, please consider contacting us by the Talk to Us form here)