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Here are some online tools that may help you:

Mood GYM

An interactive self help program that provides cognitive behaviour therapy training to add in positive thinking and changing negative thought patterns.

Beating the Blues  [NZ]

Treats depression and anxiety by using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Talk to your doctor if you think Beating the Blues could be helpful for you (requires doctor referral).

An excellent website with a depression self test, information and personal stories of managing depression.


An interactive website for young people featuring a self-test, fact sheets, a moderated message board and video clips from popular musicians and high profile young sports people talking about their experiences of depression.


3D fantasy game for help with depression

Teaches skills to manage symptoms of depression, learning cognitive behavioural therapy techniques for dealing with symptoms of depression eg, dealing with negative thoughts, problem-solving, activity scheduling, and relaxation.

The Journal  [NZ]

Part of the National Depression Initiative – The Journal is designed to teach you skills that can help get through mild to moderate depression more effectively.


This app that allows you to boost your optimism, conquer negative thoughts, ease stress and even fix relationship friction. A questionnaire that covers your age, gender, health and employment and relationship status is used to customise the app to you. Science- based activities and games to beat stress and anxiety are then delivered.

CALM Website, Computer Assisted Learning for the Mind  [NZ]

The website has tools for coping with stress and managing life.


Lets you to measure your daily moods and track the scores over time.

Sleep Cycle

This app measures your sleep cycle, then wakes you some time during a 30-minute window before your alarm when you’re in the lightest phase of sleep. Never wake up in a deep, groggy sleep phase again. Free

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