Does someone you know need help

Are you worried about someone else?

When we know someone well, and think they are not ok, it is a concern. Sometimes you may observe a change in behaviour, see them looking unwell or you might just have a hunch something is not right.

If you see any of the following, it might be wise to check it out with the person – if in doubt, check it out!

Are they or have they:

  • stopped caring about how they look, change in physical care
  • seeming hopeless or really sad, or crying a lot
  • seeming anxious, stressed, or fearful and can’t seem to switch off
  • drinking more or using drugs or alcohol to get by
  • pulling away from seeing their friends or family – withdrawing or making excuses
  • stopped doing things they used to enjoy
  • having difficulty remembering things, can’t concentrate
  • seeming like they feel bad about themselves – guilty, hopeless or ashamed
  • noticeably changed their eating patterns
  • exhibiting extreme mood swings – ups and downs or panic attacks
  • showing any signs of having self-harmed
  • talking of suicide or wanting to give up and take their own life

Then take the time to talk to them. Here is some advice on how to start the conversation.

Take a look at the list of support lines here if you would like to discuss the situation with a trained support person.

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