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If you are looking for information on our emergency financial assistance packages or grants, please do not use this contact form: you can find all information on the status of these and how to apply here.

Are you in danger or are you experiencing a medical issue at the moment? Please call 111 if you are in NZ or the emergency services of the country you are in immediately.

Take a look at the list of support lines on our site to see if there is a service specific to your immediate need.

Fill out the form below to send us a message. We’ll get back to you at the time you tell us is most convenient, or within 24hrs.

Worried about yourself | Worried about someone you know | How to start the conversation | Information on mental health | Links to online tools | How to maintain positive wellbeing | Other organisations that can help

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Talk to us today: Free 24/7 support line: 0508 MUSICHELP
Free from Australia: 1 800 353 148
Rest of the World: +64 508 MUSICHELP
(local charges may apply, please consider contacting us by the Talk to Us form here)