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Give as you earn

Give as you earn and make your donation go further

The Give as you Earn scheme, or Payroll Giving, is a fantastic way to make your donation go 33% further and support MusicHelps to change even more lives in New Zealand through music.

Here’s how the magic works:

You’ve decided that you would like a $15.00 donation to go to MusicHelps every time you get paid. Thank you!!

Download the form from our website, fill it in with the donation details and pass it on to your employer. They then load it up on to the payroll system, process it when you get paid and forward your donation on to us. However, the impact on your pay is only $10.00, because you are entitled to a one-third tax credit which is applied to your donation immediately. MusicHelps receives the full $15 from your employer. How good is that?!

Because all this is done at the time you get paid through your employer’s pay systems, there are no credits to apply for and no end of year paperwork with the IRD to worry about. There are some constraints on how much you can give to charity each year and still receive the one-third tax credit. You can find out what these are at the IRD website.

Your employer does need to have certain reporting systems in place with the IRD to participate in the Give as you Earn scheme.  If you don’t think they offer Payroll Giving, send this link to your employer and ask if they can make it available.

Print this form out and give it to your employer if they do currently offer payroll giving and you would like to donate to MusicHelps.

You can find more information on Payroll Giving on the Inland Revenue website.

Sign up to Give as you Earn today and help change lives though music!