Gig Buddies

MusicHelps Gig Buddies

Living with a disability can create barriers to building social connections, particularly practical issues such as difficulty accessing mobility aids, like a wheelchair, the need for accessible transport and buildings, and appropriate social care.

But a poor level of public understanding and awareness of disability is most often the biggest barrier to making friends and finding common interests with others.

Shockingly, research published last year in the UK found that one in two non-disabled people don’t believe they have anything in common with disabled people and a quarter admit they have avoided engaging in conversation with a disabled person. They fear appearing patronising or saying the wrong thing, and many struggle to look past the disability and focus on the individual.

We believe live music experiences can help to address issues of isolation and bring people in our communities together.

We’re working towards making a service available for disabled Kiwis to socialise, attend events and meet new people. One that allows integration into the community through participation, encourages and nourishes the building of friendships, independence and is most importantly, fun!

If you want to help us use the power of music to help disabled people in New Zealand, visit our Donate page and make a contribution today!