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Grants Application Information

Application Information

Before you apply, just check again:

  1. Is the entity that delivers your project/programme registered with the Charities Commission or a not-for-profit organisation with a formal legal structure?
  2. Do you use music in some direct way to enrich the lives of New Zealanders in need and to help those New Zealanders to develop as members of the community?
  3. If you have received a grant from MusicHelps/The NZ Music Foundation before, is the project relating to that grant complete and have you completed all reporting requirements?
  4. Have you checked that your funding is NOT related to one of the following excluded purposes?

Please note, we do not fund:


  • Retrospective grants – All MusicHelps Grants must be applied to specific and future-based purposes. We can’t fund any transactions or costs that have already been incurred or have been pre-paid. For example, purchases made prior to approval of a grant.
  • Travel expenses – Applications for MusicHelps Grants to cover travel expenses will not be considered.
  • Vehicles – We do not consider applications for the purchase or subsidy of vehicles.
  • Offshore trusts – We do not fund charitable trusts not based in New Zealand.
  • Events – MusicHelps does not consider funding applications for events.

First step: lodge an Expression of Interest

Expressions of Interest are accepted year-round and go through an initial screening, usually within four weeks of receipt. We will advise applicants promptly as to whether the project or programme outlined in the Expression of Interest has been found eligible to progress to the next step or not.

Please note: the aim of your initiative should be to use music to positively address issues facing individuals/groups that are at-risk, vulnerable or facing health challenges. You should have methods of assessing if you have been successful in addressing these issues/challenges that the participants in your project face.

Please ensure that amounts  in your Expression of Interest and your full application are quoted inclusive of GST.

To be eligible for our September grant round, we need to have received your Expression of Interest by June 1 prior. To be eligible for our March grant round, we need to have received your Expression of Interest by December 1 prior.

Late Expressions of Interest will generally NOT be accepted for consideration, although we reserve the right to accept post-deadline submissions at our discretion.

Our preference is to communicate electronically wherever possible to minimise printing. Please download and complete the Word file Expression of Interest form below and email it to the grants team. Do not save the file as a PDF. If you are unable to view, edit and email Word files, please download the PDF file below, print and post to our address: General Fund Grants Team, MusicHelps, P.O. Box 6315, Wellesley Street, Auckland, 1141.

Download the expression of interest form as a Word file here.

Download the expression of interest form as a PDF here.

Get the free Adobe Reader application for opening PDF files here.

Second step: lodge a full application

Applicants who pass the Expression of Interest stage will be asked to lodge an application. This application form will be sent by our Grant’s Team to the applicant for completion.

For our March grant round your full application must be received by 31 January prior. 

For our September grant round your full application must be received by 30 July prior. 

Late applications will generally NOT be accepted for consideration, although MusicHelps reserves the right to accept post-deadline applications at its discretion.

How funding is decided

Grant decisions are considered by the Board of Trustees in our board meetings in March and September. Successful applicants will be notified by 31 March and 30 September respectively.

During the application consideration process, we may provide a list of additional questions to answer. You will have reasonable time to prepare and provide answers. We will assess your application (and answers), check referees, visit where appropriate and finally decide your application. The grants assessor will make contact with your organisation during this period.

The key criteria we will use when assessing applications is that the proposed initiative meets our goals, although other criteria are also taken into account. You are welcome to contact MusicHelps staff for advice on preparing your application or for feedback afterwards.

Please note that the MusicHelps Board of Trustees is not obliged to approve any application and has complete discretion in the allocation of funds.  MusicHelps reserves the right to alter application deadline and grant round meeting dates, and may need to defer funding rounds in some circumstances. In the event that such changes in the process described here are required, MusicHelps will take all steps to ensure that affected parties are kept fully notified.

Please note all funding deliberations and decisions are processed through MusicHelps – the staff and Trustees do not respond to personal approaches.