Grants Eligibility - MusicHelps
Grants Eligibility



To apply for a MusicHelps Grant the applicant should be a not-for-profit organisation with a formal legal structure or be a not-for-profit charitable trust registered with the Charities Commission. You should be looking for assistance with a project or programme that uses/will use music to positively address issues or circumstances that are affecting people in need, and have ways of measuring if your initiative has been/will be successful in this.

  • We prefer to make grants to entities whose main purpose is to provide a service rather than promote a message.
  • We would prefer not to support projects that would be considered part of the government’s social contract responsibilities.
  • Project/programmes that have the provision of opportunities to experience, participate in or learn music as their sole aim will ordinarily not qualify.
  • The aim of your initiative should be to positively address the issues and challenges facing individuals/groups in need through the use of music (which could include experiences, participation and learning).  You should have methods of assessing if you have been successful in addressing these issues/challenges faced by your participants.

If you’re not sure if your project meets our eligibility criteria, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at (09) 623 4728 or via our response form here.