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Grants FAQ

MusicHelps Grants FAQ

Where does the money go?

Grants are given to a diverse range of registered charities undertaking music-based projects and programmes that change the lives of New Zealanders in need.

Where does the money come from?

MusicHelps obtains donations from collection societies, businesses, entities and individuals, and from bequests. Funds are collected solely for the purpose of distributing in accordance with MusicHelps’ philosophy and grant programmes.

If you would like to support MusicHelps, please consider visiting our Give A Little page.

How long will it take to get an application considered?

Please see our application information page for information on application deadlines, grant round meeting dates and applicant notification information.

How long does it take to get the funding once an application is approved?

Grant payments are usually made within 14 days of a grant being approved. MusicHelps will only pay grants by direct credit to the recipient Charitable Trust’s bank account.

Are grants GST inclusive?

Yes. Grants provided by MusicHelps are to be put towards specific purpose(s), are liable for GST and should be accounted for as such on receipt.

Where can I get Grant Application Forms?

Go to our application information page. Expressions of Interest and Applications must be completed on our forms only and be signed by the appropriate authorised persons. Please include all documentation requested in the forms.

Audit FAQs

Do we need to be accountable for funds received?

Yes, all MusicHelps Grants recipients can be audited  no matter how small the grant or the authorised purpose.

Is there a time frame on which to spend the grant?

Yes, 12 months from the date of receipt of funds.

What is an “authorised purpose”?

An authorised purpose is an item or a group of items under a project/programme heading, that you have costed appropriately and presented in your application, which MusicHelps has determined qualifies for funding.

Can we amend the authorised purpose?

Yes, but only in exceptional circumstances. This must be applied for in writing.

Once the funds are granted, do we need to use the same quotes we provided?

Yes, however if the supplier is no longer in existence or unable to provide the service, then you must send MusicHelps a request to change supplier in writing and attach a copy of the replacement quote.

What if the grant is for wages?

Please provide an Inland Revenue Employer Monthly Schedule (IR348-9) for every month funding is required as well as copies of bank statements proving the payment of wages.

Should we notify MusicHelps if the position or person changes?

Yes, if the person is replaced, please forward a copy of the signed current employment contract. If the position changes, please forward an updated job description. All changes must be applied for and explained.

What do we do if the purchase price is less than originally quoted in the application?

You must return all unspent funds.

Can we reallocate the unspent funds on other items or activities?

No, they must be returned. Funding for other items must be applied for separately.

What is a refund?

A refund is either a total or partial amount of the grant monies funded by MusicHelps. We will request a refund for unauthorised purchases, e.g. items not requested at time of application, retrospective payments, or “double dipping” (applying to more than one source of funding for the same purpose).

What does retrospective mean?

We will not accept any application for any payments made prior to notification of approval of funding e.g. deposits, set up, pre-payments or costs or reimbursement of payments. No exceptions.

If this information does not answer your enquiry, please contact the MusicHelps Grants team.