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A special message to kiwi music workers everywhere


We have completed two COVID-19 Emergency Grant response rounds  for individual music workers who have lost income as a result of the impact of the virus.  Please check our COVID-19 Emergency Grant page for the status of our current grant efforts.

We understand the level of concern and emotional distress this crisis is having on the kiwi music community. We are open and providing support every day through the MusicHelps Wellbeing Service and would urge you to contact us on 0508MUSICHELPS or through the form on our website for counselling support from our team.

Please also refer to our advice and information page that links through to government and other sources of support.

He waka eke noa. The Team at MusicHelps.


MusicHelps Benevolent Fund


If you are experiencing hardship as a result of loss of income or loss of employment related to the impact of the Covid-19 virus, do not continue: please check the status of our Covid-19 Emergency Grant for kiwi music workers instead.

If you are experiencing hardship and have reached a significant crisis point, or recent illness, injury or significant misfortune has placed additional financial burdens on you (for example: you are finding it impossible to pay for essential medical treatment, or you have experienced a death in the family and are facing funeral costs beyond your means), please continue.

The MusicHelps Benevolent Fund provides emergency financial packages to those whose situations and credentials meet our eligibility criteria for assistance.

Those who have been professionally involved (now or at sometime in the past) either full or part-time for 10 years or more (or alternatively for the majority of their adult working life) in making live or recorded music possible in Aotearoa can apply. This includes people from across the many disciplines involved in live and recorded music from composers & performers to management, live production crew, studio & backroom personnel, right through to those involved in corporate & retail roles in the industry.

Please note: the assistance the Benevolent Fund provides is typically of an emergency nature where we pay a third party to cover bills or source essential goods and/or services on behalf of an applicant, usually on a one-off basis. It is generally not a cash grant made direct to individuals.

Please read the Guiding Principles covering the provision of relief from the MusicHelps Benevolent Fund for more information before making an enquiry. If you have any questions or would like to speak to us before proceeding, you can make a completely confidential enquiry on +64 9 623 4728.

Please submit the following enquiry form so we can assess your eligibility to complete an application for a grant from the MusicHelps Benevolent Fund.

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Talk to us today:
Free 24/7 support line: 0508 MUSICHELPS
Free from Australia: 1 800 353 148
Rest of the World: +64 508 MUSICHELPS
(local charges may apply, please consider contacting us by the Talk to Us form here)